May 5, 2009


We are delighted to finally have our first CritterCam live on our website. The OtterCam has been a long-time coming with many false starts along the way. Like any new technology, we went through a lot of trial and error and we will still adapt as we go along. Ultimately, we hope to have multiple webcams that will allow visitors to our website to have a "virtual visit" to the Science Center (particularly in the winter-time, when the trails are closed).

We are using a wireless camera which sends a streaming image via a transmitter mounted near the River Otter enclosure to a receiver on the Webster Building. From there a cable takes the received images to a network switch, then to a 16-input DVR and then to our website. We chose the otter for our first camera because it is the furthest exhibit from the Webster Building and we wanted to be sure that the wireless technology would work on our campus.

So . . . please let us know what you think. What should be our next CritterCam -- Mountain Lion? Bobcat?

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