February 14, 2011

A Winter Morning Moment by Eric D’Aleo

Take a cue from the children at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center’s Blue Heron School and get outside on a bright, sunny winter’s day. On a recent Friday, the school took a field trip to the Holderness Town Library that allowed us to walk in the early morning light. The walk through the snow covered meadow and over the bridge by the small stream to the road was an eventful experience for everyone. Several of the young children lost their footing as we slowly moved across the snow and occasionally a child would wander off the trail and “post hole” sinking further into the soft snow. This could have been a frustrating experience but the children seemed to enjoy themselves. At one point a young girl stopped and looked around the sunlit, snowy meadow. “Look at how beautiful the snow is, it sparkles!” she said. Several children within hearing distance stopped and looked, agreeing that the snow was indeed beautiful before we continued on our way. I had a heightened sense of awareness as I followed along behind them with the warm sun on my face and the open, sparkling meadow before me.

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