August 8, 2011

What I Discovered in Guided Discoveries

By Program Intern Dani Diermeier

For those of you who may not know, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center holds week-long outdoor adventures in learning called Guided Discoveries that focus on different topics related to ecology. You may also not know that as a program intern here at the Science Center we get to do a rotation in which we assist these programs. Honestly, I did not know what to expect, since I did not have a lot of experience with children. But believe me when I say that after completing this rotation I feel that it was a wonderful experience for both me and my fellow campers! I was lucky enough to assist in four different camps- Be A Survivor, Night and Day, Nature Notes, and Metamorphosis Mania. These programs literally “guided” these children to make their own “discoveries” about themselves and the topics they learned about. Whether it was how to survive in the wild or how to let yourself be creative, by the end of the week, these kids were pros! I truly believe that allowing children to have experiences such as these guides them into becoming more knowledgeable about nature and also more respectful towards nature. The Guided Discoveries do a wonderful job of getting children to really think about things in different ways and make informed decisions.

Now of course we have to wonder why these programs can be so enjoyable, yet sneakily educational, and the explanation I have is great instructors with well thought-out planning! Each of the instructors were prepared and really made the week fun for everyone, including me! All of these factors really come together to make a fantastic program here at the Science Center that I encourage all children to participate. Our 2011 Summer Guided Discoveries have ended for the year. No worries though, next summer will be filled with more amazing camps for the youth to look forward to! Watch for our 2012 Guided Discovery brochure in December. For more information you can visit or give us a call at 603-968-7194.

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