April 3, 2012

Osprey Update

By Iain MacLeod, Executive Director
Although we lost Saco last year, I have been keeping track of five of Rob Bierregaard’stransmitter-carrying birds on their wintering grounds in South America.

The two adult males Senior Bones and North Fork Bob are now well on their way back. Bones (in pink) set off from Colombia on March 20. As of 3/29 he was in Florida. Bob (in green) set off from Venezuela on March 21 and is in Cuba. Both are heading back to the Cape area. Bob has a nest on Martha’s Vineyard and Bones has a nest on Nantucket.  
Our goal for Project OspreTrack during 2012 is to deploy 5 satellite tracking devices on birds from New Hampshire and then we will be able to track our birds migration like these.

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