November 12, 2012

Why Give?

By Janet Robertson

I often reflect that there is always more to be done to make the world a better place. Luckily for me, I work here at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and feel like I can help just by coming to work every day. But I understand how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the constant barrage of bad news we all receive in excruciating up to the minute detail. Fortunately there are many good, strong, non-profit organizations in Holderness, in New Hampshire, and across the country that work hard to make a difference. Your charitable gifts to those organizations you choose to support are important. I hope Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is at the top of your list for a contribution this year.

We are in the midst of our Annual Fund campaign and I hope you will consider making a generous gift. And if your employer matches contributions, you can double your gift. You can use the option of recurring gifts to make a larger gift, spread throughout the year through monthly or quarterly donations. Recurring gifts are convenient for you and provide dependable support for the Science Center. Your donation will be billed to your credit card and automatically renew each year. Once a year, we will send you a record of your giving history for tax purposes and give you an opportunity to update your pledge amount and account information. Of course, you can change or cancel your payments at any time. There is a minimum donation of $10 per donation and a 30-day notice to cancel your authorization. And of course, we welcome one-time gifts as before. You can also donate online at our website, Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 603-968-7194 x 12 or

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