July 22, 2015

Guided Discoveries: Mad Science II

By Jenn Reilly, Guided Discoveries Intern

Bubbling, fizzing, expanding, zooming, floating-these are all actions that will be part of the neat experiments planned for Mad Science II. Each day of this week’s program will center on a variety of science concepts, including water, motion, explosions, color and temperature, that will be integrated into every experiment we perform. Monday will begin our week with an introduction to the scientific method through an exploration of water and its unique properties. After gaining an understanding of such concepts as density and surface tension, the kids who join us for this program will be challenged to create a boat out of basic building materials that will float the longest and be able to carry the most weight. Each day after will follow this basic pattern that optimizes the time in which the kids have materials in their hands and are discovering scientific trends through their own explorations.

A second aspect of Mad Science II is the inclusion of outdoor activity and play time. From my observations of previous Guided Discoveries, the children seem to get as much out of creative exploration of the outdoors as they do when we present them with animals and experiments in the classroom. Jordan MacDaniel and I have designed most of the experiments for Mad Science II to be easily performed outdoors and to include natural elements that allows our kids to connect concepts with the world around them. Mad Science II is a great way guarantee that kids return home each day raving about all they saw and did, and to reinforce major science concepts in fun ways!

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