September 2, 2013


By Tom Howe, Marketing Intern

It's almost September, and I've only got a few days left as the Marketing Intern here at the Science Center, and it's been great. I was remembering getting the phone call that constituted my interview towards the end of last school year, and a lot of awesome things have happened since then. I'm not sure what I really expected this year to be like, but it was definitely something good. I didn't make as much as I would have made at Subway, and I didn't learn as much about how picky people can be about the number of olive pieces as I might have, but I did learn a lot of interesting things about working with videos and pictures to show more people the coolest things about a place. And I learned that there are a lot of really cool things this particular place has to show people.

I've lived in New Hampshire for something like 8 years, and my parents are biologists, but there was still a lot I could learn about New Hampshire's plant and animal life, and it was fun. And to get back to that phone interview, I didn't realize how much of a learning experience this would be. I remember I tried really hard to explain everything I knew how to do and everything I could do if I got the position, but this year has been much more than just a time to use my skills to do good work for a cool place. It's been more like a time to not have to worry too much about anything other than getting better at things I enjoy, things I'm going to use in whatever career I end up having. I spent a lot of time editing videos and pictures, more time than I'd ever actually had to dedicate to doing just those things at other jobs, and that was great. I'm excited to be going back to school, and this coming year is going to be great, but I'm definitely going to miss doing all that I've been able to be doing all the time here.

Note: Check out Tom's photo work on our Flickr page and video work on our YouTube channel.

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Edward H. Adamsky, Esq. said...

My Summer as Marketing Intern at SLNSC was one of the most valuable experiences that I ever had. The skills and knowledge that I learned have been instrumental in my work life. I am so happy to have had that opportunity.