November 18, 2013

Please consider a gift to Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Did you know research shows giving makes you feel good? Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to feel really good because it’s the time of year we ask you to support the Science Center with a donation. I also hope you will give because you believe we offer something worthwhile – a unique place where people of all ages connect with the natural world. Here are some things your donation does:
  • OPENING A WINDOW TO THE NATURAL WORLD - through our interpretive live animal trail, Squam Lake cruises, year round programs, and Blue Heron School
    “We always find some new and interesting discovery.” – July 2012 visitor 
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY IN SCHOOLS – teaching students and teachers about ecology via field trips and live animal, activity-based programs statewide
    “The kids said it was the best field trip they’ve had!” - Facebook comment 
  • LIFELONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES – for adults and teen volunteers as docents, education assistants, animal caretakers, in Kirkwood Gardens, and more
    “It’s important to learn about our environment! I care about the outdoors and want to share that knowledge.” –Volunteer docent Bebe Wood 
 If that’s not enough incentive for you to make a gift, you can look forward to a new Coyote Exhibit next season. To achieve all this, and more, we need your support now. It’s only with contributions from people like you that we can continue our good work. Giving to the Science Center doesn’t just feel good. It does good.

Please show your support today and make a donation.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Iain MacLeod
Executive Director

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