June 30, 2015

Guided Discoveries - Wild Tales II (July 13-17)

By Jenn Reilly, Guided Discoveries Intern

Has your child ever seen a woodchuck scamper through your back yard or a turtle hobble across the road and asked a million questions about it? Where is it going? What is it doing? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well those questions and more will be answered during the Guided Discoveries program Wild Tales II! Each day of this program will feature classic fairy tales and modern renditions of stories centered around the animals that live here at the Science Center and the wilderness of New Hampshire.

Planning for Guided Discoveries has given me an inside look into all the hard work and time that goes into making each program unique. I have also been provided an opportunity to work with Jordan McDaniel, who has been so generous to share her knowledge and expertise when it comes to providing children with exciting and thought-provoking experiences. Participants can expect to begin each day of Wild Tales II with a story featuring that day’s animals. There will then be lots of animal themed outdoor games and free play in our kid friendly pine grove. After having observed these activities for a while now, I can say that having outdoor fun is a treat for all of the children and they never seem to tire of it. Halfway through our program the children will get a chance to meet our live animal of the day. From a ball python to a skunk and everything in between, the children can observe the unique features that make our New Hampshire wildlife successful predators, prey, and members of our beautiful ecosystem. At the finish of each day, I can see that each child is eager to return home and teach their parents everything they learned and saw during that day’s program. With the unique extended day feature of Wild Tales II, the participating children will get to meet two live animals each day who have something in common with each other, whether it be a shared habitat or similar adaptation. With twice the animals comes twice the fun and memories that will inspire an appreciation of the New Hampshire wilderness in any child.

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