August 15, 2016

Upper Pond

By Danica Melone, Marketing Intern

I have never been disappointed with extra walking for the reward of the reaching the Upper Pond. Towards the end of the exhibit trail, between the Raptor Exhibit and marsh boardwalk, signs offer guests another attraction up a path to an unseen pond. I've found that guests tend to divert past this attraction, likely because it brings guests up a path towards which may or may not be a worthy sidebar for their trip. In contrast, on the rare occasions I do come across guests at the Upper Pond, they too are floored by its serenity.

The Upper Pond is accessible via a short, easy path through the woods; adding perhaps 3 minutes to your walk but many more if you stay to look! Two docks stretch out over clear, calm water while massive trees and bushes curtain the pond; almost completely muffling the distant sound of children and families on the exhibit trail. Aptly positioned, several wooden benches beckon from the shaded vegetation, overlooking the peaceful waters. On the other side of the pond stands a weathered bird house; its perfect reflection in the water is an ode to the tranquility this spot offers. The trail parallels the edge of the water, leading from one dock to the other, delivering guests back down to the marsh boardwalk through a field of tall grasses and wildflowers.

Finding frogs, watching fish, listening to the birds, enjoying the breeze, are only a few of the activities I find myself doing every time I’m up there. This part of the Science Center is a hidden gem for a family photo, a peaceful spot for meditation or yoga, or the perfect rest stop for simply enjoying the sights and sounds of a thriving ecosystem. Next time you're visiting the Science Center, don't skimp your trip; make sure to at least walk by the Upper Pond, I'm sure you'll see (or hear) something beautiful!

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jan santosuosso said...

My family LOVES the upper pond. We look for salamanders, frogs, and turtles. It's nice to sit on the dock or benches and listen to the sounds of nature. And because it's a bit of the way, it's our little secret treasure.